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Rip willow

Hi all

I know we haven't posted in ages and it is with sadness that I am writing this post.

Today my good friend willoe went to the rainbow bridge. He wasn't unwell so it was a complete shock for my 2 foots to find him in the garden this morning having already gone to rainbow bridge.

They asked the vet to do a post mortem as they couldn't understand why he had gone. The vet said that something had punctured his eye hitting nerve which caused an instant heart attack.

I know I hadn't got on with willoe for a long time but I still admired him especially the way he coped with caspers death earlier this year. He used to love have free run of the garden except for the few hors a day Bailey and myself used it. He would run up to mum everytime she went outside in the hope of a treat and loved sunbathing!

So now it's just myself and Bailey left, the meows and turtle and 2 new arrivals due to arrive in a couple of weeks tortoises oh and that noisy 2 foot baby who is 1 next month already!

Please raise a carrot to willow tonight who will now join Casper and run free.

Saffie xx

Bailey Update

 Mum has just spoken to the vet and he said that Bailey had a good night and managed to chew his way through 4 drips which kept the vets on their toes!

He is going to let Bailey come home at lunchtime so that he is at home where it is less stressful but he has to continue taking some fibre supplements, and antibiotics, the vet thinks that it may have been an infection that has caused bailey to be so unwell and go into statis.

The vet did say that he is concerned with Baileys behaviour which mum has always noticed and commented on, he said that he didn't like the way he seems to go into a trance with his head tilted, as some of you will know when mum got bailey he was very tiny and the vet suspected that he was the runt of the litter and possibly had some brain problems. The vet is now thinking that it may be EC but doesn't want to take a blood test today as he said that it will stress bailey out too much and could cause him to become really ill again so he is going to wait 2 weeks and then take lots of blood from his jugular and test it.

The vet said that it was very odd that bailey was passing diarrohea and also hard droppings at the same and also eating yet still his gut stopped.

Mum has told me i must be nice when he gets back as he will need to be watched over.

Thanks for all of your vibes, we are keeping our paws crossed that he gets better over the next few days.

Love Saffie, Casper and Willoe

Lots of Healing Vibes Needed


We know that we haven't made an entry for a really long time and we hope that you will forgive us.

We really need you all to keep your paws crossed and send lots of healing vibes our way to Jersey for my best friend Bailey who i live indoors with and am so devoted to. He has had a bit of a runny tummy for the past 2 days but has still been eating and drinking and really bright but today mum decided that the diarrohea had got too bad even though Bailey was still really bright and happy to see everyone and me.

When mum took him to the vet tonight the vet said that he was dribbling a lot which was a sign that he was feeling sick and when he listened to his guts he couldn't hear any sounds and his heart rate was too slow and his temperature was a bit raised but bailey was still bright licking mum and enjoying all the extra strokes. The vet said that baileys system has started to shut down on him and he is worried about the toxins that may be building up so he has had to admit him and put him on a drip and pain medications, mum is hoping that he is a fighter and thats why he is still so bright.

The vet said i can't visit him and stay with him at the moment as he is too ill but has promised that if they can get some sounds back in his gut and off the IV they will see if i can stay with him as well to keep him company.

I am really upset now and keep looking for him in the garden and in my hutch, mum has shut me in now as i was getting too upset trying to find him and she doesn't want me stressing out and going off my food.

I really want my best friend Bailey back so please keep all that you have crossed for him.


P.S It is Baileys 1st Birthday today as well!

5 More Models Required

 Hi Everybun

We have had such a busy weekend, first of all on Friday night I had to go to the vets for my myxi jab and a check up from where my boys bits have disappeared, Uncle Hugh is very pleased with me but has said that my bottom teeth are growing too quickly so he has told mum to cut my veg down and make me eat lots of hay and excel as i don't like the science selective that the others eat that much. Mum also got me lots of wooden chews to try and encourage me to chew. Uncle Hugh was saying that he is a bit concerned about how laid back i am i sat on his table and had a bath and let him put something in my mouth with a light on to check my teeth, he didn't even have to fight with me or hold me down i just sat there. Mum also mentioned that i nod my head a lot so Uncle Hugh said that it may be a brain problem and that would explain how laid back i am but mum and Tim love just as much as before so thats all that matters!

For the last few evening Saffie and i have been spending some time together infront of the TV and today we have been together in my cage since lunchtime and mum caught us sitting together earlier, mum said that she needs to decide now whether to let us stay together tonight or not. Its quite nice being with Saffie although i do get told off when i try and chase her.

We have been having puwter problems this weekend so if anyone has sent us their photo to appear in the Journal Calendar can you please re send it to us if your name does not appear on the list below! The 2 foots have brought us a nice apple to use now to get on the internet so hopefully things will get back to normal!

Ok the list so far for the Journal calendar is as follows:

Princess Taz
Sweetpea and Star
Bella & Greta
Hatty & Austin
Cedric and Millie

We still need 5 more volunteers to appear in the journal which we need to start work on this week so please let us know if you would like to appear in it!

Anyway of to have another sleep, being a young rabbit is such tiring work!


Models required

Hi Everybun

Does no bunny want to appear in the Journal Calendar this year? So far we have orders for it but only 3 volunteers to appear in it which will mean that they will be appearing on 4 months of the calendar each unless we get some more models.

If you would like to appear in the calendar all we need is one photo of you or you and your friend.

Mum had to sit an exam yesterday which she passed so that only leaves her with four exams to go. Saffie is doing well she has learnt how to move her food bowl around now and she now gets to come out every evening for some exercise. Willoe and Casper are fine and managed to get a nice play out in the garden whilst it wasn't raining yesterday, our 2 foot had to chase them round the garden to get them to go in their hutch afterwards.

Hope everybun is ok.


Its Calendar Time

Hi Everybun

Cedric was asking us a while ago if we would be making our calendars again this year. The answer is yes and although we are later than normal at getting them started due to all of our vets visits (you will be pleased to know that saffie is doing well and Bailey was fine after his little trip to the vets) we are now ready to take orders for the calendars.

We have changed the designed slightly from last year but if any of you buns that had calendars last year want another one in the same design let us know and we will do one specially for you.

The new design is the following, you can either have it on a plain background or a coloured background. For anybun that hasn't seen our calendars before you just have to send us 12 photos, by email or post if preferred, which can be of anything and we then make a calendar for you.


The price including postage to the UK will be £11 and if any of our friends would like one who live across the big pond they will be £15.

Lots of you last year asked for the journal calendar, so we will need volunters to become models for the journal calendar for 2009 as soon as possible, the first 12 will be selected with extras for the cover.

We will also be making our fridge magnets and keyrings if anybun would like those for christmas presents.


Saffie is Home

Hi Everybun

Uncle Hugh phoned mum yesterday and said that he was happy with how saffie was doing and said that mum could bring her home. She has a nasty wound that starts in the middle of her body and goes into her thigh. Uncle Hugh has said that she has to have cage rest only and in a small cage so that she can't hop anywhere as it would put too much pressure on her wound, he is going to see her again tomorrow to see how she is.

She has come home on metacam and baytrill but she hates the baytrill and puts a fight up everytime mum and tim try and give it to her which isn't good for her leg.

Mum's knee operation went well and now she has to stay at home with us for the week but can't look after us as she can't kneel and has to keep her leg up, the doctor said it will take about 6 weeks to heal.

Tomorrow mum says i am going to visit the vets and spend the day there i am not sure why maybe they just want to see how cute i am but mum says i will have a nice sleep whilst i'm there.


Saffie Uncle

Uncle Hugh has just phone from the vets, he has operated on Saffie but he said that the damage was a lot worse than they originally suspected. Uncle Hugh is very worried about Saffie and has warned mum that at the moment things aren't looking very good. The wound before they operated ended up being 13cm which wasn't obvious as her fur had matted over it and there was no blood on her fur, unfortunately they had to make the wound bigger inorder to tidy it up and clean it.

Uncle Hugh has managed to stitch her back together again but he isn't very happy as her muscles are too tight where there was such a large wound and lack of skin to use to stitch it up, he has said that she won't be able to extend her leg and if she does try to then then wound is likely to break down, he is also worried about the risk of infection now.

Mum is going to go and see her after work but we are all keeping our paws crossed that Saffie manages to get through this.


Saffie is injured

Hi Everybun

Its me Bailey, my mate saffie has had to stay at the vets overnight and today is having an operation because at the start of the week she and Willoe decided to have a big fight and saffie came worse off, willoe managed to damage her side and she has lost a lot of skin, the vet was saying that you can now see her muscle. The vet doesn't think she will be able to sew the wound back together again as its too big and the skin that was over it is now falling off and has died, so she is going to trim off the dead skin and trim round the wound to tidy  and clean it up.

Saffie is fine in herself she is still eating and seems just a bit quiet.

Willoe hasn't got any injuries hes so lucky and casper got in the middle of the fight so he has a small wound on his tummy but that seems fine, as for me i am pooing all over the place and weeing on people, mum keeps saying she can't wait till i have my little operation on Tuesday!

Mum is having an operation on her knee tomorrow but has a bit of a cold so is hoping it won't be cancelled, the good news is if she has it she has to stay home with us all of next week!


Its me Bailey again, i thought that you all might like this photo of me and saffie tonight, it was taken in her cage one and half hours ago and we are still there! Saffie has given me the odd nip but nothing serious.

Mum says that i need to eat more as i haven't eaten much but i have eaten 2 carrot treat biscuits today the russell rabbit ones they are so yummy!